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Suitable for all abilities.

A yoga class designed to nourish mind, body and spirit and to help start the day feeling energised, positive, grounded, centred and balanced.

Pregnant Yoga
Louth Yoga
Louth Yoga
Couple Yoga

Private Pregnancy Classes: £30 at Yoga Studio for 60 minute class / Couples £40
Private Power Yoga Classes:  £30 at Yoga Studio for 60 minute class
Small Groups of 2-5 people: Concession of £20 per person
A personalised Yoga routine: £25 (individual to your needs)


Please note that if you are unable to attend any of the above classes I am unable to refund.  Exceptions are made for pregnancy yoga classes should you go into labour before the end of the block of classes


Cancellation Policy:  Please note Private one-to-one late cancellations which are less than 24 hours notice will still be charged the cost of the session.

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