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Private tuition on a one-to-one basis.

I offer private tuition on a one-to-one basis from my home studio, or in your own home environment, or at the gym working on your specific needs.  My personal training sessions are available to everyone regardless of shape, size, gender or age. 

Louth Yoga
Marathon Participants
Nutritional Cooking

I can build you your own personal fitness routine based around your short term and long term goals, taking into consideration your:

  • Weight 

  • BMI and calorie intake 

  • blood pressure and heart rate checks

  • eating habits

  • lifestyle

  • Body fat % 

  • current fitness level


I will take into consideration whether you wish to incorporate gym work, outdoor work (perhaps training for your first 10k) or if you wish to work from the privacy of your own home or my Studio. 

Why should I use a Personal Trainer?

There are many reasons why you may want to use a Personal Trainer.  You may wish to train for a specific event or challenge, perhaps you have gained a few unwanted pounds, perhaps you have been training by yourself and are not getting the results you want or you may be recovering from a sports injury and need specific advice and training to aid you recovery.  I can help you achieve your goals and take your training up to the next level of fitness and make sure you get the results you want.  I will motivate you, encourage you and give you that extra push when you are at the point of giving up.  When someone tells me that through our classes, or sessions, they have become not only healthier, less stressed, more grounded and are living a more positive way of thinking and living it is an amazing gift to me. Seeing a client improve week by week and seeing them push their fitness further than they thought possible gives me a great sense of happiness.


What areas do you focus on? There are three main areas:


Cardiovascular Training
1.  Weight management
2.  Improve cardiovascular system
3.  Increase muscular endurance
4.  Decrease risk of heart disease


Resistance Training
1.  Weight management
2.  Increase in bone density and strength
3.  Increase in joint stability
4.  Improve posture


1.  Nutritional advice as part of training program
2.  Weight management
3.  Improved energy levels
4.  Healthy eating for life

With a Personal Trainer you also benefit from their years of training and experience. 

Qualifications: I am a qualified, fully insured,  Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer and Nutrition & Weight Management Specialist with a City & Guilds qualification with REPS Level 3 status.  This covers everything from anatomy, physiology, nutrition, weight management, torso training, core stability and nutrition for sport and exercise. I also teach Power Yoga.  My studies continue by undertaking a pre and post natal yoga course, Mum & Baby Yoga and Massage course. I am now a qualified Hour of Power Instructor and Children's Yoga Teacher.



  • Has extensive knowledge and experience of working within the health and fitness industry and working as a Personal Trainer

  • Completed a 5Rhythms Dance Workshop and the Exhale - Max Strom Workshop

  • Has competed in many running events during and since school including cross country running, 10k's and the London Half Marathon

  • Trained in Contemporary Dance

  • Provided 8hrs community service teaching yoga to those who would benefit and not normally be given the chance to learn yoga

  • Extensive knowledge of the racing industry, working as an Apprentice Jockey and Work Rider for many years

  • Keen horse rider when younger, participating in Cross Country events, Show Jumping and Eventing

  • I have trained individuals for Marathons and Tough Mudder events, and various athletic challenges and competitions as well as for anxiety and depression, IBS and digestive concerns, prolapse, pre & postnal yoga formats, insomnia, mental health, strengthen, energise, realign and for back pain.



How much does a Personal Trainer cost?


My prices are reasonably low in cost when compared to some Personal Trainers and I offer excellent value for money without losing any of the quality.

Initial consultation:  £40.  This will be your first assessment when you will complete a PARQ and will undertake a fitness test, strength test and flexibility test.  You will complete a lifestyle questionnaire and tell me your short and long term goals.  From this information I will calculate your BMI, Body Fat % and Vo2Max.


12 Week Training Program:  £199.  This wil be your personal fitness training program and the cost includes ongoing support from me and motivation tips to help you on your way.


Weeks 5 & 10 Assessments: £20 each (as part of training program only).  These will be similar to your individual assessment and they will show your level of improvement, which in itself can be quite motivating!  They are not essential but most people like to have these assessments done.


One-to-One based 1 hour Training sessions:  Personal Trainer £35.  Power Yoga £35.  These can be held at your own home, at my studio or at the gym.


Personalised Individual Yoga Formats:  £25 (Specific yoga formats to suit your specific health related concerns and goals) 


Online only Personal Training:  8 week program £16.  12 week program £25.  You will fill in a PARQ, list your goals and fill in a lifestyle questionnaire.  Your personalised program will be based on these.  I also include motivation and nutritional tips by email to help you get the most out of your program.




BEGINNER'S 10K 8 WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM (you need to be able to run 1-2 miles comfortably before starting this program) or INTERMEDIATES 10K AND HALF MARATHON 12 WEEK TRAINING PROGRAM (includes a 10k run at Week 4)  or PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM FOR A MARATHON (you must be able to run 12 miles comfortably or have completed my 10k and/or Half Marathon program)


These programs will give you all the help, training and advice that you will need to get you in tip-top condition in readiness for the big day. I have designed both program cards using four different training approaches and  they include:

  • ENDURANCE: To increase stamina, endurance and the body's ability to metabolise fats

  • FARTLEK/TEMPO:  To increase power and speed

  • HILL/STRENGTH TRAINING: To increase strength and power

  • MSE PHASE: To break up the training and can be performed on rest days and has the following benefits - to increase stamina, flexibility, muscle tone, muscle strength and muscle balance

All programs include nutritional advice and motivation tips. Cost £12.99 per Program, £25 for any two, plus p&p. If you are interested in hearing more about what personal training can do for you then please email or ring me to discuss this further.



Case Study

Tough Mudder events are hardcore 12 mile-long obstacle courses designed by the Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie.  With the most innovative courses and half a million inspiring participants.  Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world (

One of my clients has been following my Half Marathon Program (which includes doing a 10k) to get themselves fit for the above event.  It is an extremely tough challenge and they had to be both mentally and physically fit.  I am pleased to say that they completed the course in a time of 2 hours 9 minutes. Tough Mudder events are not races and the participants face many challenging obstacles along the route, nevertheless it was still a very good time!  My client also had a quick recovery time after the event!

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