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For babies who are more active (crawlers).

These classes make a beautiful and nurturing follow on class from the mum and baby yoga classes, allowing time for mothers to slow down and connect with their baby.

Mother Doing Yoga with Baby
Baby Yoga

These classes allow your baby space to grow and develop in a safe and sacred space. Postures help mum and baby to gain strength, flexibility and balance. Postures specifically help with your baby's development, fine motor skills, improve sleep, relieve colic, wind, improving sensory awareness and coordination and helping to build trust.


  • Rhythm

  • Rhyme 

  • Sensory Play 

  • Post Natal Support 

  • Yoga for you and baby

Dates & Times: Get the weekly schedule of classes in advance by signing up for my newsletter.
Venue: Available online 
Cost: Only £5 

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