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Suitable for all abilities.

There is so much pressure on the modern educational system to focus on the academic performance of students but little emphasis on the mental and emotional well being of children.  I am hoping to change all that! Yoga focuses on the individual physical development of the child and can transform children's experience of school.

Louth Yoga
Children Praying

Practising yoga from an early age gives children a toolkit for life in order to cope with the fast paced, achievement based society we live in. Movements are age appropriate and provide opportunities for the children to manage their thoughts and breathing techniques. My classes provide a non-competitive environment for children to grow in confidence and self-esteem.  I am DBS checked and fully insured.


Yoga supports learning and emotional well-being for children at school in the following ways:

  • Breathing exercises develop concentration and help the child to feel calm

  • Flexibility, strength and balance create healthy body awareness and reduce sports related injury

  • Nature-based poses create a connection and understanding of the natural world

  • Mindfulness helps the child to self regulate their emotions and become confidence and resilient

"Lucy is a skilled and informative yoga teacher. She has worked with children and adults at Manor Leas Junior Academy and helped to develop calm for individuals in the busy world that we live and work. The children’s yoga was supported by enjoyable activities to provide the children with self-help strategies. The aim being that the children will learn to use these strategies to improve their social and emotional states. The strategies can also be used to promote the learning in the classroom. The staff session was full of interesting information about looking after the body and mind. The focus on breathing and making sure that our breathing guides us has helped me and my staff already. Lucy is an engaging yoga teacher who is a must for any school or childcare setting." (Manor Leas Junior Academy,  Lincoln)

"I cannot recommend Lucy's Yoga sessions for children enough. The children have absolutely loved the sessions and have even started to bring their own yoga mats, blankets and pillows! The Yoga sessions have really supported the emotional well-being of the children that have taken part. The breathing exercises used in the sessions have helped the children to concentrate, relax and feel calm which is a vital tool for them as they navigate their way around the busy world that we live in. Many of the children use the strategies within the classroom and at home and have been completely inspired by Lucy's sessions." (Grimoldby School, Manby, near Louth)

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